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Roof Restorations Done the Right Way

Is your roof leaking or does your home need a new face lift?  Are you spending too much money trying to cool your house down?

A well maintained roof protects your largest investment – your home. An unsealed roof can lead to the need for leak repairs and be doing untold damage to your home. Restore and rejuvenate your roof by restoring it “The Rightway!”.  Rightway has years of experience in the Adelaide roof restoration service, are roofing specialists and in the best position to provide you with high quality advise and solutions.  Rightway quote on and complete quality roof restoration Adelaide wide.

  • Gives your home a face lift.
  • Tile and iron solutions available.
  • Prolong the life of your roof with our leading roofing services.
  • Protect your home with a sealed roof.  Sealed tiles = sealed roof.
  • Massive range of colours to choose from.
  • Roof restoration prevents roof replacement. 
  • Quality workmanship completed by an experienced roofing contractor with years in the roofing industry.

Repair leaks and old tiles by cleaning old debris, moss and mould using our tried and true method of roof restoration, by using a pressure clean, fungicide and a heat reflective membrane coating for your roof.

A leaking roof or broken ridge cap does damage to roofing timber, insulation and your ceiling. Unsealed tiles absorb water and dramatically increase the weight load on your home causing undue stress on foundations, brickwork and internal walls causing unwanted and unsightly cracks.

Having a restored roof, which looks brand new, increases the value of your home. Maintaining your roof ensures when the unspeakable happens the insurance companies cannot refuse your claim based on ‘lack of maintenance’. 

Remove the heat from inside your roof space and keep your home cooler with no ongoing running costs.

All of our roof restoration products are installed by roofing professionals with years of experience in the industry. Our restoration process is a simple yet effective system to ensure the smoothest and best result for our customers.

Every house/job is going to be different, even down to the last millimetre, so we take the time and effort to come out in person to measure and assess your roof correctly before pricing your job.  Our ethos as a company is to do it the “Right Way” the first time.

Please note that we don’t expect or accept any payment until the job is completed, giving you peace of mind.

Want to learn more, find out if your roof needs restoration & what we can do for you? Contact us now on 1300 714 338 or book a free inspection and quote in the form below that will include a full roof inspection to determine if any roof repairs, roof painting, gutter cleans and any other roofing and guttering maintenance is required to ensure your home is protected.

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