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Outdoor Blinds Done the Right Way

Outdoor blinds create the ambience and dining experience you want for your family and friends, regardless of the weather. Based in Adelaide, Rightway offers you an enormous range of outdoor blinds and café blinds, designed to keep you and your family and friends warm and dry, and still able to enjoy the view. 

  • Made in Australia for Australian conditions.
  • Our tight knit woven mesh outdoor blinds block the rain and wind whilst still being breathable. 
  • Create comfort in any weather in your outdoor area. 
  • Increase your privacy by being able to see out but not letting neighbours/others to see in. 
  • Shade your area from the sun’s harsh UV rays prolonging the life of any outdoor furniture.  
  • Very flexible allowing you to roll up your outdoor blind and tuck it away instantly

Design your indoor/outdoor area knowing you can quickly and easily lower your outdoor blind system when necessary, with minimal disruption to your family life. Our range of cafe blinds comes in all kinds of fabrics and styles and can be created to suit all types of budget too. So don’t hesitate to contact us, and discover the options available such as clear and tinted PVC and coloured or patterned fabrics. 

Don’t miss out on entertaining just because the sun isn’t shining. Weatherproof your home instead. All our outdoor blinds come with a manufacturer’s guarantee. Just ask us when you order. 

Let Rightway Home Improvements bring the outdoors indoors and give you an all year round entertaining room! 

Simply fill in the quote form below OR call us on 1300 714 338 to get onto one of our outdoor blind experts for the best outdoor living advice.

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